What We Do

Our portfolio of activity includes:


As a professional Marketing and Public Relations agency our approach begins with a discussion with our clients to establish what they want to achieve. This consultation determines the scope and reach of the client’s ambition and allows them to set the vital parameters of budget and time. We may also suggest different avenues or encourage wider ranging ambitions if that is appropriate. Our role is to inform our clients of what is achievable within those parameters. It is our experience that what we can do within the budget available to us generally exceeds the expectations of our clients. We can do this as we are a mature agency, who has a wealth of contacts and networks available and we have a track record of maximising the return on our client’s investment through innovation and creativity.


From a menu of proposals, the client chooses a given strategy that is tailored for their needs. initiating the chosen proposal, which may include branding, media strategies, promotional materials, managing social media profiles, representation at industry events, developing unique user experiences or networking.  

We provide detailed professional advice and support at all stages of the marketing process. We are known for unique experiences that make memories and that stick in the minds of the target audience. We also value tried and trusted techniques, and our eye is on the trends both in the client’s markets and in our own industry.

Public Relations

It can reasonably be argued that marketing and public relations are interdependent. It is certainly true that our work takes a holistic approach to them, this reflects our ethos, which is based on ensuring our clients present themselves in a totally professional manner and that we do the same.

We utilise our vast experience with working with the national, regional, lifestyle and niche press contacts, throughout the UK & Ireland and Continental Europe. 

With a change in emphasis by traditional print mediums towards innovative and diverse methods of engaging with their audiences, our approach has mirrored these changes and, in some cases, pre-empted them. 

We are as much at home with our traditional Television and Press contacts as we are with utilising new media and lifestyle influencers. Whatever channel we navigate on behalf of our clients it is always based on getting a return on investment.


In the world of event management, we have seen all too often that innovative ideas fail because of a lack of attention to detail. 
Style is used to mask a lack of substance and little attention is given to ensuring the event meets desired goals from inception through delivery and evaluation. 

At Cellet we believe that our team of experienced professionals demonstrate that events can be staged without compromise, blending great innovation, attention to detail and style from our creative arm with management of concept, organisation, staging and delivery all done with military style precision in our planning and ground handling. 

We focus on the goals, while ensuring the guests have memorable experiences and your event becomes “the talk of the industry” for all the right reasons. 

Trusted by local, national and international organisations.

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