About Cellet

34 years established (1989-2023) our vision was to offer Comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Public relations services to destinations and travel suppliers in the UK and overseas.

Cellet is now recognised as one of the most creative and hardworking in the industry, with a high value placed on client satisfaction and return on investment. Our client list over this period reflects not only the quality of our work but the trust, placed with us by our many truly world class destinations.

The principles of our business, put in place over 34 years ago, are still relevant today. The basic focus of our business is on international tourism, but we will never stand still. Cellet has evolved, and through our domestic arm we have broadened our business model. Extending our reach beyond tourism, we have demonstrated our ability to achieve success to small and large businesses outside the travel and tourism sphere.
We retain our core expertise in International Destination Marketing and will not compromise on our commitment to excellence, service, and attention to detail to any of our clients big or small, international, or domestic.  Like the clients we serve, we embrace the tools of modern-day businesses using technology and electronic mediums, social and web-based platforms, while retaining a firm footing in traditional values approaches and techniques. 

We do not just represent our clients, we become part of their family, an extension to their team and partners in their vision and success.

We have the passion for our client’s products, and we care.

Our location:

Our base in the United Kingdom is Bloxham Mill in Oxfordshire England, a purpose-built business centre conveniently placed between Banbury and the City of Oxford, with easy road and rail links to the major hubs of London and Birmingham and beyond. 

London Heathrow and Birmingham International Airports are on our doorstep. Our representation to International and domestic clients focuses on the United Kingdom and Ireland, with Edinburgh and Dublin 45 minutes flight time from our local airports, we have easy access to no less than 6 international air hubs in southern England.

Trusted by local, national and international organisations.

Contact Cellet on +44 (0)1295 722816 or email info@cellet.co.uk