Our Team

With over 100 years of experience in marketing and public relations our professional team has created many award-winning, innovative campaigns, and our company and staff have been recognised over the years as true innovators in our industry.

We value diversity of experience and thinking, the background and skills of our colleagues, having worked with leading companies before coming to Cellet mean they have a wealth of experience in Marketing and Public Relations, but we also desire our people to have a more holistic life experience. Having a rounded view of the world around them and understanding the diversity of needs and expectations of clients and their markets means we are better equipped to meet your goals.  

We therefore look for our people to have diverse but relevant private interests and we recognise the real benefit this gives to our clients.  We are a team with a passion for what we do, genuine in our approach because we care.  It is not just a career; for anyone who works for us or desires to do so our expectations are very high, we strive to make a difference and every day is a new opportunity to achieve that aim.

Partnerships that build brands.

Our team has a great ability in initiating, negotiating, and developing long-standing relationships. We forge partnerships that build brands.

This is the fun side of working with and for us, good relationships are everything and from good relationships comes great success.

Trusted by local, national and international organisations.

Contact Cellet on +44 (0)1295 722816 or email info@cellet.co.uk